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1. How can I sell at the auction?

Please contact our customer service team. They will explain the terms and conditions of offering forest land, agricultural land for sale / for rent or timber up for bid (info@maaturg.ee või 53443610).

2. What information is needed to auction land, growing forest, agricultural land or timber?

You will need to provide us with the following information:

-Owner information (name / contact number).
-In case of a representative, a (digitally) signed written authorisation (preferably notarial).
-The name and the location of the property.
-A cadastre.
-A valid forest management plan as a PDF file.
-A valid forest notification for logging rights of growing forests.
-All known additional information (access etc).
-Known restrictions (in case there are any, e.g.: Landscape Protection Area etc).
-Desirable minimum price (if necessary, we provide services to determine the price based on forest management plan – check our price-list).
-Regular auction or minimum sale price auction?

3. What is a minimum sale price auction?

Since it is possible to bid less than the minimum sale price, the advantage of this type of auction is its attractiveness. If the minimum sale price is not reached, the owner of the object may decide, whether or not they wish to accept the offer. How does it work? The owner of the property decides a minimum bid, which can be less than market value. Additionally, they also decide a minimum sale price. Since this information is displayed both in the auction information and the additional conditions, it cannot be unseen by the bidders. If the best bid does not reach the minimum sale price, the owner may decide, whether or not they wish to take the offer. They are obliged to take the offer only when the minimum sale price is reached.

4. How can I bid at the auction?

All you need to do, is to register as a customer.

5. How can I register as a customer?

It is necessary to have an e-mail, which will also be your user ID. You can register in two ways:

Registration without an ID card:

You will need to click on ‘Register as a Bidder’ on the homepage. Then, fill out the given form and click ‘Register’, which will confirm you as a user on Maaturg.ee. If you want to bid, you will also need to confirm your information, which is done through bank links. After confirmation, you are allowed to place bids.

Registration with an ID card:

Firstly you will need to log in on the website with your ID card (oksjon.maaturg.ee). Then, click ‘User Account’ and fill out the user form. After this you can place bids.

PS! Before you register, we strongly advise you to read terms and conditions!

6. How long is an auction?

The object is visible for about 2 weeks. During this time, the people, who are interested, can familiarise themselves with it and place preliminary bids. The auction changes to dynamic on the set auction date and time. After a certain time, the following appears: 0 >15 seconds Once! >60 sek. Twice!>120 sek. Sold!

Bids can be done till ‘Sold!’, which means the auction is over!

Please also read the instructions on the homepage!

7. What is a preliminary bid?

Preliminary bids are done before the start of the dynamic bidding process / extended part of the auction (set date and time). Preliminary bids can be placed during the time the object is visible, but the auction has not yet begun. When placing preliminary bids, the next possible bid is visible in the bid box. Every amount that exceeds that number, activates the automatic bidder.

If you place a higher bid than the value of the next possible bid, the automatic bidder activates. This means it is possible to set the maximum buyout price.

For example, if the next possible bid in the bid box is shown to be 100.-, but you write 200.-, and let’s say that the increment is 25.-, then ‘Bidder 1 (You) 125.-‘ appears in the bid box. In case someone else places a bid, the automatic bidder places a new bid that exceeds Bidder 2’s offer. Automatic bidder places offers until the set amount is reached, in this case 200.-. You can raise this amount during the preliminary rounds. If you write 100.- in the bid box, it is considered as a regular bid and the automatic bidder is not activated.

PS! When the dynamic / extended part of the auction starts, it is not possible to use automatic bidder, therefore the amount written in the bid box will immediately be your offer.

Please also read the instructions on the homepage!

8. What is automatic bidding?

Automatic bidding is only available before the dynamic / extended part of the auction (check question 5). Each offer that exceeds the default value in the bid box, activates the automatic bidder (check question 6). Automatic bidder is marked with a letter (a) next to the Bidder in the bid box.

* If the automatic bid is not big enough to top the last bidder by the set increment, the system bids the highest amount you set.

* If several users place automatic bids, the highest one takes the lead, placing a bid that beats the lower bid by (max) the set increment. Interim bids are not shown.

* If two users place an automatic bid for the same amount, the quickest one is preferred.

* You can change the automatic bid by clicking on it (by the same auction).

To place a default bid, there is a minimum set amount. If you place the minimum set amount, there is no difference between the regular and the automatic bid.

PS! No one but you will see the highest amount you have set to buy the object during the preliminary bids (automatic bid).

9. What is the bid increment?

The bid increment is the amount by which the next bid must exceed the current highest bid. If the starting bid is 100.- and the increment bid is 25.-, then the next possible bid is 125.-. Therefore, it is not possible to bid less than the bid increment sets.

10. What happens when the dynamic / extended part ends?

The auction is finished. If there were no bids on the object, the seller can put the object up for bid again, keeping or changing the conditions (e.g. price). To do that, they will need to contact our customer service team (info@maaturg.ee, 53443610).

If there were offers on the object, reports to all participants will be sent at the end of the auction. The winner will also get the contact information of the seller and the seller will get the contact information of the winner.

If you need help to form the deal, we can offer the service (check our price-list on the website).

11. What happens if the highest bid person has a valid reason and disclaims their deal?

If the seller agrees, the second highest bidder wins the auction. If the seller does not agree or there were no more bidders, a new auction is arranged.

Please do not hesitate to ask our customer service team for more information.