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If you want to sell or buy forest real estate, growing forest, timber, agricultural land or rent it at a fair price, then you are on the right place! is forest and agricultural land online auction environment. Here takes place forest real estate, growing forest, agricultural land and timber auctions.

If  an offer has been made to you for your real estate, forest cutting rights, timber, arable land purchase or rent and you want to make sure that the offer that has been made is the best, then you’ve come to the right place!

Participation in auctions as a buyer on page is easy and convenient – it is necessary to register and accept auction terms of use and after that you are welcome to make a bid on an desired auction.

In order to sell on your forest real estate, growing forest, timber, agricultural land or rent it on an auction , send us a message or contact our customer support: 53443610, Mirko clients are Estonian forest and agricultural companies, who will make best and fair bid for your property.

If you are a registered in portal, notifications about new auctions will arrive directly to your e-mail inbox.

See you on!!

Also read FAQ and User manual!