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Prices are valid until 31.12.2017

  1. Successful auction fee (except rental auctions and growing forest auctions) – 1,2% of the total final price, but not less than 75
  2. Maximum price auction, if the item receives a bid, and it is less than the maximum price and the seller doesn’t accept it then auction fee is – 75.  If the auction will be successful on the next auction round then 75€ will be counted off from the successful auction fee.
  3. Successful rental auction fee – 75
  4. Successful growing forest auction fee – 0.50€ / tm, but not less than 75 euros
  5. For auction packages (more than three objects on one auction) additional fee of 15€ will be added for each additional object. Fee must be paid before the auction announcement
  6. Initial price assessment act for real estate and growing forest- 40€
  7. Auction with deposit – 15 euros 
  8. Participating in notary- price negotiable
  9. The forest management plan subscription service – price negotiable

Customer loyalty bonus -10% from successful auction service fee *


-VAT is included in prices!

-All fees are paid by the person who committed the auction item!

-A successful auction means that an offer has been made for the object.(except maximum price auctions, see clause 2.)

* Ask about the conditions how to become a regular customer: Mirko Metsaoru 53443610 or